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Lisa Berkowitz O.D.


Lisa Berkowitz has practiced Optometry in Town and Country Village since 1989. Her practice includes comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens evaluations, Lasik pre/post-op evaluations and general eye care services. 

In October 2016, Lisa returned to an independent practice after 15+ years as an employee of a vision care corporation. Her new independent practice utilizes state of the art digital exams, retinal photography and on-line appointment scheduling. Hours are flexible to meet patients’ needs and new services will include vision exercise instruction.

While the newest technology assists with the exam process, Dr. Berkowitz’s experience and attention to details ensures eye health tests are thorough and the most accurate comfortable prescriptions get prescribed.  The visual system is evaluated in a methodical manner incorporating an understanding of many factors that determine the comfort of a prescription.  A final prescription is based on many elements, in addition to the specific needs of the patient.