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  1. Learn how to use your contacts lenses – insertion, removal, inversion, cleaning and care. Please review the video on our resources page.
  2. Wearing schedule: begin with 2-3 hours the first day and add up to 2 hours each day. Average wear time for contact lenses is 8-12hours. Do not exceed this time during your first week.
  3.  Follow-up visit: after you have worn the contacts about 4 days. This visit will answer questions and determine which contact lens you will order.
  4. The trial lens you begin with is usually an easier lens to insert and remove. At your follow-up you maybe given another lens to compare.
  5. Never had time to use your contacts? Schedule a follow-up after a week just to be sure the lens trials are safe to use. Contact lenses are easily damaged even when stored in a case.
  6. Have concerns before your follow-up? Notify the office by phone or email.
  7. Having a problem removing a contact lens? Notify the office asap. In most cases you will be asked to come to the office for assistance.
  8. Lost/damaged a trial lens? Notify the office by phone or email- Some trials need to be ordered.
  9. Farsighted (hyperopic)?  The contact lens process will be more difficult since you cannot easily see the small contact lens.
  10. Not sure if a lens is in your eye?  Don’t irritate your eye by looking for the contact lens- Best to just let the eye rest. The lens cannot get lost in your eye. The lens will not harm your eye, even if it is under your eyelid for a few days. Notify the office ASAP and it will be easy for the doctor to determine the lens location.
  11. Contacts can be great- the process can take a lot of time and most contact lens users remember how difficult the routine was for the first few weeks.