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Lens Insertion Suggestions


  • Practice the set up and hand positions without the contact lens.
  • Try a few methods and you will find a way that works best for you.
  • The process is difficult and takes time- but it will get easier!

Limit blinking:

  • Holding the eyelid margins helps reduce blinking. Keep your chin tucked down to help raise the top eyelid.
  • Hold bottom lid only.  This maybe easier to begin with.
  • Hold both top and bottom eyelid margins if you are able to easily hold both eyelid margins.

Position your eye to create more space for the contact lens: Look “up”, towards a “side” or “straight” at your mirror.

  • Look up or at side: Place the contact lens on the white are of the eye.
  • Look directly at the mirror.  The lens is placed directly on the center of your eye. This works if you can keep your eyes open wide without blinking.

Choose your hand/finger positions. Practice without the lens and determine which setup is most comfortable for you. As you practice you may decide to try other methods.

  • Place the contact lens on your finger tip. The finger should easily reach your eye. Usually the “pointer finger” is used but you can try different setups.
  • Determine if you prefer your finger to reach your eye in a vertical or horizontal position.(photo below)
  • Alternate Method: Support the contact lens with 2 fingers. You have good control of the contact lens and the lens is less likely to fall off your finger. (photo below)